Gliding Induction Course (GIC)

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The Starting point for your gliding experience at 626 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) will be a flight or series of flights in a Viking winch launched glider. You will begin by attending, with others from your Squadron, Detached Flight or CCF unit, the VGS to be taught the Gliding Induction Course (GIC).

The GIC has been designed to give you a taste for Air Cadet Gliding and consists of 3 different levels of instruction. You will be shown various aspects of aerodynamics that you will have been taught in the classroom before being taught the ”effects of controls” in the air. You will have the opportunity to take control and practice what you have learned. On your first visit you will be taught the GIC 1 and your subsequent visits you will progress to GIC 2 and 3.

After you have completed the course, you will be awarded a GIC certificate.

CWO Hannah Best about to take Flt Lt Kevin Hemsil, her CO at 2174 Sqn, on a GIC flight (1 Sep 07)

Course Content

GIC 1 - 3 Launches or 20 Minutes
GIC 2 - 4 Launches or 25 Minutes
GIC 3 - 5 Launches or 30 Minutes

You will be shown and have the opportunity to practice

bullet How the glider is manoeuvred in the pitching plane (GIC 1)
bullet How to manoeuvre the glider in the rolling plane (GIC 2)
bullet How the rudder affects the glider in the yawing plane (GIC 3)
bullet What happens when the glider stalls (GIC 3)

In Brief…

bullet You must be aged at least 13 years and 3 months
bullet You must have the parent’s consent to fly page signed in your record book or 3822
bullet You must have a high level of motivation
bullet You must not have any temporary or permanent medical condition that would make flying unsafe for yourself or your pilot

Visitors from 316 Sqn Australian Air Force Cadets May 2005                     GIC trainees from 197 Sqn in June 2007

First Solos

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Some historical first solo photos of trainees with their instructors

Cdt Felicity Earp Apr 09

Cpl Luke Viner Aug 08                 CWO Adam Gower Aug 08                  Sgt Jason Lam Aug 08

Cdt Gabriel Beiro-Romero Aug 08                  F/Sgt James Seagrove Aug 08                  Sgt Reece Williams Aug 08

Cdt Lee Ball Jan 08                         Cpl Joseph Barlow Jan 08                     Cdt Chris Burrows Mar 08

Cpl Joel Keene Aug 07                     Cpl Jamie Pilkington Aug 07           CGI Jessica Buscombe Oct 07

Cpl Rich Williamson Aug 07               Cpl Sam Cartwright Aug 07           Cdt Ed Johns Aug 07

Officer Cadet Matthew Swallow Apr 07       F/Sgt Josh Eckley Apr 07               Cdt Dan Smart Aug 07

Cpl Seb Jones Apr 07                    Sgt Jamie Smith Apr 07         Officer Cadet George Lindsay Apr 07

Sgt Ruth Rockley Oct 06                   Cpl Ben Lewis Aug 06                    Cdt Oliver Smith Aug 06

Cpl Mirelle Bourne Aug 06                 Cdt Alex Ford Aug 06           Cdt Jack McFarlane-Shopes Aug 06

Cdt Tom Wills Aug 06                Sgt Kayleigh Rundle Aug 06                 Cpl Chris Alker Aug 06

Cpl Lee Kent Jun 06                        Sgt Sam Cock Apr 06                    F/Sgt Steve Catt Apr 06

Cdt Vicki Lister Apr 06                       Cpl Tim East Apr 06                      Sgt Ross Gribble Apr 06

F/Sgt Dave Thuel Apr 06                   Cpl John Batten Apr 06                     Cpl Matt Ascott Apr 06

Cpl Alex Brookes Jan 06                   Cpl Matt Good Nov 05                  Cpl Russell Pollock Oct 05

Cdt Adam Hoskin Oct 05                  Cdt Chris Tucker Aug 05                  Cpl Daniel Gillings Aug 05

Cdt Paul Sowden Aug 05                Cdt Hannah Best Aug 05                  Cdt Cpl David Taylor Aug 05

Sgt Matt Medland Aug 05                Aug 05 Cdt J White Aug 04                Cpl Karla Lincoln Aug 04

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Find Us

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How to get in touch…


If you wish to contact us, then please feel free to e-mail us using the address below, and we will be happy to answer any questions. For directions, please refer to the maps below by clicking on the thumbnails to view. If you still have difficulties finding us, please get in touch.

Click here if you wish to see a map of where we are located:


From Helston, follow the A3058 towards The Lizard. Approx 1.2 miles after the Mullion Holiday Park turn right into small lane, signposted 'Cider Barn'. For access to airfield you need to obtain the gate code from OC 626 VGS.

Map View of Cornwall

Close-up view with directions to airfield



                                                                Turn right                                                     Main gate                                                    626 VGS HQ

If you have any problems trying to find us, then please drop us an e-mail ( and will be happy to give you the directions to the gliding squadron.