Advanced Gliding Training

Advanced Gliding Training courses provide an opportunity for cadets who have been recommended for further training following the Gliding Scholarship course to attain the AGT Wings. The first stage of the course consists of 25 launches (of which 5 will be solo flights) in a Viking winch launched glider. AGT provides the opportunity to revise the Gliding Scholarship syllabus and to learn more advanced techniques such as landing in a defined area and crosswind launches and landings. At the end of the course the student is awarded gold wings and may be selected for further training towards becoming an instructor.



AGT Wings 

Some students may be invited to undertake the second and third stages of AGT. These courses take place at the Air Cadet Central Gliding School or at a soaring site in Scotland.

Cpl Hannah Best receiving her AGT wings from The Boss in Apr 06

Sgt Ruth Rockley

The Launch