Gliding Scholarship

Gliding Scholarship courses are an opportunity for cadets to undergo further training and achieve Gliding Scholarship Wings. A course consists of up to 40 launches in a Viking winch launched glider to achieve GS wings. Cadets showing the necessary aptitude may be invited to progress to ‘solo’ standard, if weather conditions and overall tasking permit, and hopefully achieve the GS Solo Wings.

GS Wings                                                                               GS Solo Wings

If you want to be nominated for a Gliding Scholarship, then feel free to complete the form available from this site (Click Here), or let your Squadron, Detached Flight or CCF Unit staff know. Ideally you should have completed a GIC 1, 2 or 3, but it is not mandatory. You must be 16 years of age when you start the course and you will need a medical form (RAF Form 6424), which is available upon request from your staff. Take this form to your local doctor and ask them to complete it (you must retain the form because you will have to present it to the VGS on commencement of a GS Course).

Once completed the Form is valid for 2 years, as long as nothing medically untoward happens to you.
After you have completed the medical (no examination required – it is completed by reference to your medical notes), and your doctor has signed the form to confirm that you are fit to undergo glider pilot training, you are ready for a course. It is then a matter of a course becoming available.

Courses are available in two formats, either over successive weekends until you have completed the course or a continuous 10 day course (usually at Easter and during August). You must have the commitment to attend a GS course, as it can be difficult to predict the exact time it will take to complete as it depends on your own progress and the weather. Typically in summer a course will take several weekends to complete. Successful completion of the course will entitle you to wear the Blue GS wings. You will have done well to get this far.

The Trainees

Aug 04 Course                    Aug 05 Course                     Apr 06 Course                   Aug 06 Course                   Aug 07 course                    Mar 08 Course

Apr 09 Course

For cadets showing the required aptitude, there may be the opportunity to progress further and possibly reach the solo standard. Should you manage this and successfully complete a solo circuit you will be entitled to wear the Silver GS wings.

Course Content: 40 Launches, extra 20% allowed for further training to solo

In Brief:

bullet You must be 16 years of age
bullet You must have the parent’s consent to fly page signed in your Record of Service book or 3822
bullet You must have RAF Medical Form 6424 completed (if you have a medical condition, you can be assessed for glider pilot training by forwarding the 6424, via your unit, to HQAC for further consideration)
bullet You must have a high level of motivation and be prepared to attend the VGS until your course is complete
bullet You must not have any temporary or permanent medical condition that would make flying unsafe for yourself or your pilot.

For some, if they are invited to become Flight Staff Cadets, there will be further training. These cadets will be trained to a much higher level and again, if successful, cadets will be entitled to wear the Gold wings denoting successful completion of Advanced Glider Training (AGT).

First solo – Cdt Dale Robinson                                    First solo – Sgt Linda McLean

Gliding Scholarship – first solo flight – Cdt Chris Burrows

A well earned rest!                                                                                End of Aug 07 course.